Tom Selleck A&E Biography 2003

The first 2 minutes of this program were missing from my recording. It consisted of an introduction of Tom Selleck and his (then) new movie Monte Walsh.

I do not own, nor claim to own, any part of this footage. This clip has been uploaded for educational and historical purposes only.

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  1. I never knew half of these things about Tom Selleck. He seems to be an all around great man. The way he talked about his mom, dad, he seems like the real deal. Hard to believe an actor can be that nice. Most you read about get into trouble, leave their wives have affairs, etc. I have to give kudos to his parents. That is why he treats people so good. They gave him that decent upbringing that alot of kids are lacking today. How many actors/producers/directors would take his Bonus check and buy gifts for his crew?? Not many. Great job, Mr. Selleck.

  2. The right for every mild-mannered person in a moment of rage to become a potential killer, terrorist, anarchist, and maniac by gun ownership? Problem the Amendment says nothing about the individual right of gun ownership. The word people is plural, not singular. Selleck is out of his depth. Stay with playing fiction.

  3. The mustache changed his career. For years, the consummate super-star was the image of Clark Gable as Rhett Butler. With the mustache, Sellleck made the transition to super-star. The media had found their contemporary Gable, and Selleck had found his calling.

  4. I can vouch for the accolades re how nice Tom is from when i worked with him as military advisor on a Cable film production post this docco. One of the nicest and most genuine actors ive met and shared interests meant lots of interesting discussions in between takes.

  5. How Blessed Tom is to of had a wonderful Father. Tom never let his good looks make him snobby. Love the Man. Still watch his Westerns especially with Sam Elliot. Whish he'd make another Western!

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