Tom Jones: Musical Phenomenon | Full Documentary | Biography

One of the most popular vocalists to emerge from the British Invasion, Tom Jones has defined male rock star sexuality to the point of self-caricature.


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38 Comments on “Tom Jones: Musical Phenomenon | Full Documentary | Biography”

  1. Great singing, no question. However, I always wondered about how strong his wife must be to watch her husband in fluffy shirts, tight high wasted pants with a bullseye buckle, nice longer hair. She was amazing to endure the big green monster (jealousy). Bravo to Mrs. Jones who never got any credit for enduring being a stage widow!!! 💫

  2. I really wish they would put in the description when this originally aired. It seems like its 20-25 years old lol. Does anyone know the original date this was made?

  3. He Split with his band no he didn’t he left his band and they didn’t find out for a little while afterwards and I saw him live and I didn’t think much of him

  4. Tom Jones was the first concert I ever attended in 1976 at the IMA Auditorium in Flint Michigan USA. My mother loved him and wanted to see him. The opening act was a Disco group called The Sylvers which I loved. Great night that is still remembered. She's a Lady is a life long favorite.

  5. Back in early 2000 the guy I was dating had a handful of concert tickets that his mom had given him (she was out of town and couldn't go) for the local fair. I think we went to three different concerts in a weeks time and Tom's was the most memorable. I'd never seen anything like it! The women were going berserk!

  6. Hello from England
    Tom moved to America to live around 1974 but he would come back to the UK to do shows on British TV which i remember watching so from 1974 onwards and i have been a FAN ever since.

    He STILL has IT all. I know we can all say WHAT IF OR IF ONLY but it would have been AMAZING if ELVIS had toured the UK with Tom (they were best buddies and Tom spent some time with ELVIS from around 1965) and if Tom had shown ELVIS around London and they both appeared on ANY STAGE. Both had that STAGE PRESENCE and BOTH HAD A DIFFERENT STYLE. Tom wearing BELL BOTTOM TROUSERS AND BLOUSON SHIRTS.

  7. I met Sir Tom back in 1996 when I worked in Atlantic City. He was sitting in one of our casino's private clubs (with a young blond) and some other customers asked me if I would get his autograph for them; he was a very gracious and signed about 5-10 autographs for people. He's a true living legend

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