The Judds A&E Biography – Documentary (Part 1 of 2) – 1999

The Judds (Wynonna Judd & Naomi Judd) A&E Biography – Documentary (Part 1 of 2). Also features comments by Reba McEntire. Thanks Aaron for sharing!

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  1. That was a beautiful thing, mother and daughter duo, such a blessing , like w said, this is my mother, but her partner as well, such a blessing. God bless.

  2. They were real. People people should be more open like that. Life has up downs, poor money . But God and family first. That's real life. We are who we are women of open truth. Not who the world saids we should be. Naomi will be miss. But God holds her now. Girls step back and live on. God's walk .

  3. Um their cabin doesn't look like a crappy shack. In fact that house is upper class compared to many poor people in the Appalachians in poverty.

  4. The daughters should've told people that she killed herself right on that first day. This way, it makes it look they were ashamed of her. The woman simply thought this was the only way out in the skewed perception in the depths of her depression. They have perpetuated the stigma associated with mental illness and suicide. RIP Naomi.

  5. My heart is broken. I love the Judds. Heaven has another angel. There will never be another. Always a lady. Wynona and Naomi you had a very special mom.

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