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Video shows Lifestyle net worth biography information family dating girlfriend/boyfriend house car information and facts of Nathan Chen or Nathan Wei Chen gold medalist.

Nathan Chen is skater figure of america china origin and gold medalist.Nathan Chen won the 2022 olympic champion.Nathan Chen help us team for silver medal in 2022 team event.Nathan Chen has a two brother and two sister in his family.Nathan Chen has net worth of 2 million dollar.Nathan Chen has undefeated records.Nathan Chen is FLAWLESS in record breaking Nationals us olympic win.


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  1. Some people may not realize that Nathan could have chosen to compete for China for HUGE financial gain and he did not. Thanks to his parents and coach for teaching him dignity and integrity. We have seen skier that shamelessly forgoing honor selling out to China to compete against the country she was born, raised and trained in. This is one of the many reasons that I like Nathan even more, honor, humility, role model.

  2. I adore Nathan and have watched him skate live many times. In one of your slides, you identify some of the people as his family, when they are not. Two of them in a picture with Nathan are actually Maia and Alex Shibutani, two-time American Ice Dancing Champions, World medalists and 2018 Olympic bronze medalists. More: He is the 3 time World gold medalist and the 3 time grand Prix Final gold medalist. However, he was defeated in October, 2021 by fellow American Vincent Zhou and Japanese skater Shoma Uno at Skate America, where Nathan took home bronze. he is a data science and statistics major at Yale and expects to go onto medical school.


  4. Funny that his brothers used to pick on him because of his interest in figure skating. Now they all support and cheer him. May this inspire and encourage more straight men to show interest and not be afraid to try figure skating. Nathan Chen is the living proof that you can be straight and excel in figure skating.

  5. HE SKATES THE MUSIC…. NOT TO THE MUSIC. He plays the piano beautifully saying it helps him to understand it and immerse himself in it when he skates. That connection with it, is that thing you can't quite put your finger on when you watch his brilliant performances.

  6. My fist look at this guy on an Olympic TV. event, I took this guy for granted, thinking he was a mediocre small pint competitor against the other comp. but as the competition advanced, he turned out to be quite the phenom in my book. Now he's head & shoulders above all the rest. Good fortune my friend. 🙏👍🙏

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