Mother Teresa – 20th Century Humanitarian | Biography

Find out about the life and charitable works of Mother Teresa, known as one of the great humanitarians of the 20th century, in this mini biography. #Biography
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Mother Teresa – 20th Century Humanitarian | Biography

49 Comments on “Mother Teresa – 20th Century Humanitarian | Biography”

  1. She refused people's treatment telling them that their suffering would bring them closer to god but when she was dying she got flown off to a top medical facility in California. She is despicable
    for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.(bible)

  2. So what happened to all the millions/ billions of dollars she collected? Just about NONE of it was spent on the poor. All she spent was her time. Anyway people who believe in god believe in a myth. There is not, never was and never will be any evidence of a god. People are just brainwashed. What does the church do with all its money? The churches churches all about power and control. Just like politics, which came later. Help other people by all means. That is what makes you human. But god? It is nonsense, rubbish and myth.

  3. There will never be another human being like Mother Theresa in this world. She is a saint just like Saint John Paul. I would loved to have met her.
    Wouldn’T we all.

  4. If Roman Catholicism can create people like Hitler and Mother Teresa, there is a serious flaw in the religion. Any religion that thrives on lies, deceits, untruths and forgery, such in the case of Mother Teresa, should introspect itself immediately, before they stand in line with Osama bin Laden, Baghdadi and others.
    The West is smitten with the Christianity, their modern-age Crusades continue where they have media, journalists, US Senators and also the Papal support. Their sole aim is to Christianize the entire planet, and what better method than to "exterminate" the "others"?
    It's not a religion, but a tool for taking control of the world and it's resources…. something like Hollywood movie "The Independence Day".

  5. Mother Thersa is a filthy evil missionary who used poverty and suffering of others to convert people into christianity and loot the charity money.

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