Lata Mangeshkar – Biography in Hindi | लता मंगेशकर की जीवनी | Life Story | लता मंगेशकर की कहानी

Watch Lata Mangeshkar Biography in Hindi (बायोग्राफी इन हिंदी) and Know about Her Life Story and Unknown Facts.

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35 Comments on “Lata Mangeshkar – Biography in Hindi | लता मंगेशकर की जीवनी | Life Story | लता मंगेशकर की कहानी”

  1. We all are proud of you Lataji. You have set such a high bar in the Indian music industry that no body can ever reach to your level.

  2. Agar yad rahe? Aap ko kaun bhool sakta hai Lata Didi? Our every feeling has been expressed in your voice. Whenever we want to tell anything we have to just sing your song; no doubt it is not so sweet in our voice but we know, no voice in this world can be sweeter than that of your's. After all, nobody is taller than Himalaya.

  3. No doubt the best female voice of the Indian subcontinent. But she was extremely selfish and greedy. While in Pakistan (one tenth of the size of Indian population), so many new singers came and established their presence, India remain completely orphan with respect to female singer during her era. Lata had complete monopoly (with a few opportunity for her sister only, Asha)…. Her voice was gold at the most until 1980s and then one is not sure from her voice is coming: her mouth or you know from where. She did not hesitate to sing in children voices even in later age in nasal, thin and starchy voices. So selfish and greedy. Basically, she robbed many young talented Indian female singers, because she completely dominated singing of Indian cinema.

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