Ka Paul Real Life Story (Biography) | Praja Shanthi Party | #KilariAnandPaul | YOYO TV Channel

Ka Paul Real Life Story (Biography) #PrajaShanthiParty #KilariAnandPaul #YOYOTV

Kilari Anand Paul is a Christian evangelist from Southern India. He was living in Houston as of 2003. He runs a ministry called Gospel to the Unreached Millions.

Early life
Originally named Kilari Anand Paul, he was born on 25 September 1963, in a small village called Chittivalasa located in the State of Andhra Pradesh India, into a Hindu family. His parents were Barnabas and Santhosamma[citation needed].

His parents converted to Christianity in 1966. Paul became a Christian in March 1971, when he was eight years old. Paul says he travelled with his evangelist father to hundreds of villages in India sharing the gospel with many non-Christians. Paul says that at the age of 19 he entered into the full-time ministry.

Political life

Paul launched a political party by the name Praja Shanthi Party in 2008. During the launch he stated “The purpose of starting Prajashanti Party is to redeem people from slavery, promote equality among all people and all faiths and all castes and to establish true democracy.”

In 2016 US Presidential Election, he endorsed Donald Trump.

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  1. K a Paul is a very good and nice and lovely beautiful and hard working and god's grace and peace and shanthi let the best service mind and helping service mind to the people of Andhra Pradesh chennai tamilnadu India

  2. యేసుప్రభువు ఎవరినైనా ఒక ఉన్నతమైన స్థానం లో నిలబెట్టగలడు ఎవరిని ఎలా హెచ్చించాలో నా ప్రభువు కి బాగా తెలుసు యేసయ్య ను నమ్ముకుని అనేకమంది బాగు పడ్డారు అందులో నేను నా కుటుంబం ఒకరు ఈ ఛానల్ బాగుండాలని కోరుతున్నాను షాలోమ్

  3. Mana media vaallu rachha rachha chesaaru..comedian chesaaru..but ayanaku manche jarigindhi..luchha politicsku dhuram undu ani ayana nammukunna jesus cheppinatlunnadu..

  4. Paul daddy memu me hostel lo chudukunem epudu meru badha paduthunte naku Chala badha ga unadi daddy meku devudu yapudu me toduga undalani korukuntuna

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