John Steinbeck — Biography by A&E [HIGH QUALITY]

Copyright under fair use for education. Full Title: John Steinbeck: An American Writer. Sourced from VHS.

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  1. Damn good documentary. I love Steinbeck's art. His stories are so damn profound. The year, as I write this, is 2021. Grapes of Wrath is a reflection of what I live. It's sad that we can't get out of my hole. If you've read his stories, you know you're a part of a larger suffering.

  2. That was lovely. Thank you for uploading this. Steinbeck…well he was/is special. A great American. Lol…I might love him a bit more because he was so very Irish in all his sentimentalties.

  3. Left out: "Steinbeck was 16 years old in 1918 … he didn't just contract Spanish flu, he nearly died from it. According to The New Statesman, his case was so bad that his infected lung had filled with fluid, and in order for a local doctor to get in and drain it, he needed to have a rib removed…He survived, of course, but The Mercury News says his missing rib gave him grief for the rest of his life. Always the writer, he would later recall the experience, "I went down and down, until the wingtips of angels brushed my eyes."

  4. One of my most favorite documentaries. Please find a way to keep this up . They keep taking it down . I live in the pastures of heaven and he is my favorite author. I live in the same beautiful land he described , and I live among the very same people he knew and their descendants. Many things have changed since he left us but most of what he wrote about is still as relevant today as it was when walked these pastures.

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