Homer Biography

Homer Biography 8th Century BC

Homer was an epic poet and the author of “The Illiad and the Odyssey

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  1. aristotle says homer was born near the time memphis ( in egypt ) was built , the stone of palermo says memphis was built around 3100BC ,
    so Homer was born around 3100BC , and the historical events described in ilyad and odussey took place not long before his time

  2. "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey" are two of my favorite classical epic works. I did a report on Homer my freshman year of High School and gathering information about his life and character was rather difficult. From what I learned, he was descended from a long line of war poets and certainly would have been affected by the brutal, spiritual and hierarchical time of the late Bronze Age. When the Roman emperor Hadrian, a lover of Greek culture and literature, asked the Delphic Oracle who the storied poet was- I was amazed to learn Homer was said to be Odysseus grandson. Whether Homer was a real person or the instrument of a legend, both poems continue to have a strong grip on the human imagination and spirit.

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