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David Baldacci was born on August 5, 1960 in Richmond, Virginia. He hails from a working-class background. His father, Rudolph, was a tucking foreman who had lost most of his hearing in World War ll. He earned his BA in Political Science from Virginia Commonwealth University and his law degree in 1988 from the University of Virginia. David has two older siblings, a brother, Rudy, and artist, and sister, Sharon, a writer.

David Baldacci practiced criminal law and then later corporate law for nine years. He says he always loved to read and telling stories, and while growing up, often got into trouble with his tall tales. He says he always wanted to write and started writing fiction as a young child and continued throughout his law practice. He likes to quip that, as a lawyer, he learned a lot about writing fiction.

David met Michelle A. Collins, a paralegal, at a barbecue and they dated and then married in 1990. They have two children, a daughter, Spencer, and a son, Collin. The family still resides in Virginia. David’s first novel, “Absolute Power”, was made into a blockbuster movie starring Clint Eastwood and Gene Hackman. David writes on diverse subjects, but is well known for his political thrillers. He is also a humorous, passionate and inspirational keynote speaker. He often speaks at worthy fundraising events. It has been said that he is as prolific a talker as he is a writer.

David and Michelle started a family foundation in 2002 called Wish You Well Foundation which works to eliminate illiteracy nationally. Recently they teamed up with Feeding Americans, Feeding Body and Minds utilizing food and book donations at food banks since poverty stems from illiteracy. David does fund-raising book signings where he asks people to bring in new and used books. They are also involved in fundraising for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the American Cancer Society and The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy. David is a national ambassador for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

David’s books have been published in over 45 languages and in 80 countries with more than 70 million copies in print. Besides his books, he has authored seven screen plays.

Books by David Baldacci:

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell Series:
Split Second (2003)
Hour Game (2003)
Simple Genius (2007)
First Family (2009)

Childrens Books:
Freddie and the French Fries:
Fries Alive (2005)
The Legend of Silas Finklebean (2006)

Camel Club:
The Camel Club (2005)
The Collectors (2006)
Stone Cold (2007)
Divine Justice (2008)
Stand Alone Novels:
Absolute Power (1996)
Total Control (1997)
The Winner (1997)
The Simple Truth (1998)
Saving Faith (1999)
Wish You Well (2000)
Last Man Standing (2001)
The Christmas Train (2002)
The Whole Truth (2008)
True Blue (2009)

Non Fiction:
Origins of Wish You Well (2000)

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