Biography: Pankaj Sharma कैसे बने Bobby Darling या Pakhi Sharma? देखिए इनकी पूरी कहानी

Pakhi Sharma, famous as Bobby Darling and formerly known as Pankaj Sharma, is a transgender Indian actress active in Bollywood and regional Indian film industry. Pakhi Sharma was born in Delhi, India,[citation needed] as Pankaj Sharma. She is famously known as Bobby Darling. Coming out as transgender at a young age, she ran into problems with her family due to her gender identity.

Her mother died when Darling was a teenager.[citation needed] She said in a 2009 interview that her appearance on the reality show Sacch Ka Saamna (Hindi: सच का सामना, “Facing the Truth”), the Indian version of the popular American show The Moment of Truth, helped reunite her with her father.[citation needed] The two were brought together on the show when her dad was the special surprise guest.

She has been a vocal supporter of LGBT rights. In October 2015, Darling declared that she was going to marry Ramneek Sharma, a Bhopal-based businessman. The couple married in February 2016. In September 2017, Darling filed for divorce against Ramneek Sharma, citing cheating, breach of trust, matrimonial cruelty and unnatural sex.

In May 2018, Ramneek Sharma was arrested and sent to jail on charges of domestic violence. In a message, Bobby said, “This is to inform all my fans, friends and family that my husband was arrested by Delhi police on 11.5.18 and was in police custody for 4 days. Thereafter, he moved application for bail before Delhi courts which has been rejected. Justice is being meted out!”.


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  1. I respect u…. Ur so courageous… I heard that gendor changing operation is very painful than giving birth… So i really admire u… And i want our government should give same rights to transgendor… They are also human… And may be one day everything will be changed…

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