Andy Warhol Biography

A multifaceted personality, Andrew Warhola, popularly called Andy Warhol, began his career as an advertisement illustrator after completing a Bachelors’ Degree in Fine Arts from Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh. Born in August 6, 1928 in Pittsburg to parents of Slovakian origin, Andy Warhol suffered from learning disability during his childhood. At the tender age of eight he suffered from the deadly disease of chorea that affected his nervous system and also affected his skin, an ailment that bothered him for the rest of his life. In spite of these impediments, Andy fared well in his academics and later in his career that spanned from an artist, to an author and also as a filmmaker.

Andy’s career as a commercial artist working in New York was a successful one but his quest for attaining popularity for his skill as an artist he drifted into taking up painting. The exhibitions he showed them up with gained immense attraction by art lovers. He intended to popularize paintings and introduced a culture of pop painting. Andy later set up the ‘Factory’ where he built a conglomerate of artists and illustrators who could work for him to produce more of his paintings. The Factory became a popular name and was frequented by several persons of eminence. Andy went to the extent of making screen prints of paintings. That however received severe criticism from several quarters.

His creativity ran boisterous when he began to tread into a pervert domain, when he started making pornographic films and erotic paintings. Some of these like such as Blow Job, Lonesome Cowboy and Chelsea Girls are considered as underground classics. While Factory provided him with a platform to elevate it also brought him close to his death. He was shot at by Valerie Solanis, an associate of his, who turned antagonist over a trivial issue. This gunshot was near serious. It was miraculous that Andy survived. He underwent prolonged surgical treatment and made a come back but the effect of this dreadful act left an adverse effect both on his life and creativity.

Andy Warhol died of a massive heart attack in 1987 on February 22 while undergoing a normal gall bladder operation. His art and the philosophy of his expression has left behind a plethora of creative designs both famous and infamous, but un-ignorable nonetheless.

Display of his woks at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania stands testimony of the creative excellence of this renowned public figure of recent times.

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