A Short Armando Montelongo Biography

Armando Montelongo was born in 1970 and grew up in San Antonio Texas. He co-founded Montelongo House Buyers along with his brother, David, and now presides as president of the company.

Armando’s main company is called Montelongo Worldwide Incorporated and is headquartered in his home town of San Antonio, Texas.

This Texans small family ran business became a huge success in just 5 short years after it became popular on the A&E television show “Flip This House”. He is accompanied by his wife, Veronica, and brother, David, in all of his housing flipping adventures on the show.

The reason behind the mans quick success is nothing but pure motivation. He firmly believes in hard work, a philosophical view on life and positive thinking. He also believes everyone should have very big dreams.

The Montelongo family are as laid back as they appear on the television show. They all love playing practical jokes and rarely pass up the opportunity to do so. This is seen often in their hilarious antics in front of the camera.

Most recently, Armando has brought his success to the internet to share with others. He is now offering a program filled with a home study course and ebooks that can teach just about anyone all the methods he uses to build a run a successful business. So far, things must be working too. There is an awful lot of buzz about this man all over the web.

He has met his share of heat from the fans for his sometimes forward attitude on the show, but most view this as someone who just doesn’t take well to being messed with. While there are some people that feel this doesn’t make for a good business owner, others feel it is the exact reason he became successful so quickly.

Source by Fredy Oliver

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